We are V.F. Červený, a Czech manufacturer of brass instruments, the history of which dates back to 1842. We continue in the tradition of the genius designer Václav František Červený, who in his time became famous all over the world. All instruments are made by experienced and extraordinarily skilled craftsmen, families of whom have been producing them for generations. V.F.Červený instruments are often custom made according to the requirements of famous musicians. They satisfy the most demanding player requirements and rightly belong to the premium segment. Our piston and rotary valve instruments continue in the fame of the company's founder and have conquered all continents and more than 50 countries around the world.

We are not motivated just by business; we do not pursue numbers. Our work is a part of something that is not tangible. Our work is a part of art, music. The instruments that we make embody tradition and perfection without any compromise. Each of them passes through the hands of our people who fulfill their mission - to provide musicians with unique and delicious-sounding instruments. They do their work with love and passion for music.

The Červený wind instrument factory was founded in 1842 in Hradec Kralove, industrial city located 100 kilometers east of Prague. Its founder, Václav František Červený (1819-1896) was an ingenious Czech wind instrument designer, in his field comparable with Adolph Sax (the designer of saxophone). Červený completed his first invention just two years after the factory was established, when he was just 25. In 1845 Červený constructed Bb and Cb contrabass tubas - large bore tubas, which were often copied. He made many other inventions afterwards such asphonikon (1849), baroxyton (1853), tritonicon (1858), alto (1859), valve trombones for military bands (alto, tenor and bass), and F tuba (1867). In 1882, the Kaiserbarite, Kaisereuphonium and Kaisertuba were made - instruments with a particularly wide baffle and scale, which are still produced in practically unchanged form. In 1946 Červený 1846 invented the cylinder machine system for wind instruments, which he further improved in 1861 and 1873.

From the very beginning, Červený focused on the world market. Already in 1853 he exhibited his instruments in New York, where in the same year his younger brother opened a branch office. They opened another one in Kiev. Červený took part in many world industrial exhibitions with a great success, i.e. Munich (1854), Paris (1855, 1867, 1878, 1889), Vienna (1873), Philadelphia (1876), Barcelona (1888) and Chicago (1893). Červený instruments won awards and official recognition all around the globe. For example, the international jury at the World's Fair in Chicago awarded them the highest award stating: "Červený wind instruments deserve recognition for excellent product and excellent craftsmanship."

After 1948 the Červený factory merged with the state-owned enterprise AMATI Kraslice, one of the world's biggest brass and woodwind manufacturers. Nevertheless, instruments continued to be produced at original manufacture. In 1973 production was moved to a new facility in Hradec Kralove. Production program is still concentrated on rotary valve instruments, the very best of the V.F. Červený‘s heritage. Present instruments are the result of an integration of long term experience, the world's finest craftsmanship, and modern technologies.