Where can I purchase my V.F.Cerveny instrument and accessories?

V.F.Cerveny instruments and accessories are sold through our authorized dealers.

A dealer in your area can be found here or you can contact our sales department here.

In the unlikely case of a manufacturer’s product defect how do I proceed to claim the warranty and get the instrument repaired?

(For warranty content, please see the user and warranty information booklet that is accompanied with each instrument)

In a case you purchased an instrument from one of our authorized dealers, please contact them directly. Together with you they will process the claim request and determine the steps that are necessary to solve the problem.

In case the instrument you purchased directly from the manufacturer contact our service technician here.

With each and every warranty claim the serial number must be provided.

Any repair must be approved by the manufacturer prior to being executed or you risk the warranty to be void.

The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to damage caused by an incorrect use of instrument, incorrect care and maintenance and unauthorized repairs.

How do I maintain my V.F.Cerveny Instrument?

The fundamental information about how to take care of your V.F.Cerveny instrument you can find here.

What should I do if I need after warranty service of my V.F.Cerveny instrument?

In case your instrument requires this type of service fill in the contact form here and you will be contacted about the price and further steps.

Where can I find the date of manufacture of my V.F.Cerveny instruments?

Just complete the form with serial number and your e-mail address and you will be informed immediately about date of manufacture of the instrument.