CCB 883-5IZ

CC Tuba CCB 883-5IZ /OPERA II/ of the Czech brand V. F. Červený.

It is very practical when you have to move often around with instrument or be in marching.

Due to many years of development and using of the contemporary technologies this tuba have a really good quality of the tone and very good intonation.


 Key: CC

 Size: 3/4 

 Valves: 5 valves (5+0)

 Material: Yellow brass finish with red brass bell

 Bore: 20,2 mm (.795“)

 Bell: 400 mm (15,7“)

 Height: 810 mm (31,8")

 Weight: 9200 g (20,2 lbs)

 Mouthpipe: Red brass

 2nd slide trigger

 2 exchangable slides for 5th valve (3/4 tone and 1 1/4 tone length)

 Finish: Lacquered

 Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, case


Model                 The main difference                                              Material           

CCB 883-5Z

CCB 883-5IZ

5 rotary valves (4+1)            

5 rotary valves (5+0)

Yellow brass 

Yellow brass