CBB 603-4 (PIGGY)

BBb Tuba CBB 603-4 /PIGGY/ of V. F. Červený brand.

Traditional construction proven by many years and long-time experiences of the instrument makers provide a really nice timbre in all range. 

This instrument is being distinguished by clear intonation and good response.

Perfect sound and a very reliable mechanics parts of these tubas are very important features for semi-professionals. 


 Key: BBb

 Size: 4/4 L

 Valves: 4 valves

 Material: Yellow brass

 Bore: 21,2 mm (.835")

 Bell: 420 mm (16,5“)

 Height: 860 mm (33,8")

 Weight: 9000 g (19,8 lbs)

 Mouthpipe: Nickel silver

 2nd slide trigger

 Finish: Lacquered

 Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, case


Model                 The main difference                                     Material           

CBB 603-4

CBB 603-4R

4 rotary valves

4 rotary valves, nickel silver bell rim

Yellow brass 

Yellow brass