CTR 592-3

Bb Bass trumpet CTR 592-3 from the V.F.Červený factory.

This model is being constructed in traditional wide construction. Due to a larger bore the bass trumpet has a wider and mellower timbre in comparison to CTR 590.

Well-balanced tuning and easy response are good features for brass bands, but bass trumpet is often used in military bands and sporadically in symphonic or opera orchestra (for example: Janacek Sinfonieta, Richard Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen).                       


 Key: Bb bass

 Valves: 3 rotary valves

 Material: Yellow brass

 Bore: 13,2 mm (.512")

 Bell: 220 mm (8,7")

 Height: 600 mm (23,6")

 Weight: 2300 g (5,1 lbs)

 Mouthpipe: Nickel silver

 3rd slide trigger

 Finish: Lacquered

 Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case


Model              Material of body          Material of mouthpipe        

CTR 592-3

CTR 792-3

Yellow brass

Red brass

Nickel silver

Nickel silver


      CTR 592-3                        CTR 792-3