CVT 571-3

Bb Tenor Trombone CVT 571-3 of the Czech brand V. F. Červený. 

Design and construction is traditional and audited by many years of experience.

The timbre is characteristic for the trombones of the small bore. This instrument is being distinguished by a very good intonation and easy response.

Practicality of the rotary valve trombones is appreciated by the players in the army and brass bands.


 Key: Bb Tenor

 Valves: 3 rotary valves

 Material: Yellow brass

 Bore: 12,4 mm (.490")

 Bell: 240 mm (9,5")

 Height: 1100 mm (43,3")

 Weight: 2400 g (5,3 lbs)

 Mouthpipe: Nickel silver

 Finish: Lacquered

 Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case


Model                 The main difference                                              Material           

CVT 571-3

CVT 571-4

3 rotary valves            

4 rotary valves

Yellow brass 

Yellow brass