New model Bb Euphonium which has been developed in the V.F.Červený factory. 

To fulfill all demands of musicians of 21st century, V. F. Cerveny workshop comes with a new Master line of Brass-Band instruments which has been developed in cooperation with worldwide respected professional musicians.

This model is being constructed with compensating system thus it has an excellent intonation especially in lower register from B1 to F.

The fourth valve is equipped by holder so it makes it possible to tune in F key.

Rapid and easy response, large and bright timbre and comfortable holding of the instrument are the features that give you very pleasant feelings during your performance.               


 Key: Bb

 Bore: 14,7mm (.579“) - 16,5mm (.650")

 Bell: 305mm (12“), made of red brass 

 Material: brass

 Valves : brass 3 rotary valves, nickel silver spatulas, valve casing mad of brass, brass bows and knees, valves are being manufactured by CNC lathe, mechanics golden lacquer

 Trimmings: nickel-silver hand lapped inner and outer tuning slides, mechanic tuning slides, golden lacquer caps, stainless steel valves, thumb rest for hand, decorative elements "VFC"

 Feature: 4 waterkeys, short slides have finger ring, hand engraved valve caps and levers - golden lacquer, trigger on main tuning slide

 Finish: high gloss polished and silverplated, decorative elements "VFC"

 Outfit: silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case