Full compensating piston valve Bb euphonium V.F. Červený model VFC-EP6566 is a professional instrument which allows excellent intonation in all range due to the compensating system. The fourth valve is equipped with holder so it makes it possible to tune in F key. This euphonium has a large and bright timbre and rapid response. These features give you very pleasant feelings during your performance. A large dynamic scale offers to use this instrument not only in chamber or brass orchestras but especially for solo performing and for students.

Technical description:

Key: Bb
Bore: Dual bore 14,7mm – 16,5mm.
Bell: 305mm, hand shaped, wire reinforced.
Material: Yellow Brass.
Lead pipe: Yellow Brass.
Valves: 4 stainless steel valves, compensating system, Yellow Brass valve casing. Valves are being manufactured by CNC lathe. Tubular ducts ensuring 100% flowing of the air.
Trimmings: Nickel Silver hand lapped inner and outer tuning slides. Nickel Silver stays.
Feature: 4 waterkeys, fourth valve holder, second valve slide fixed finger ring. 
Finish: High gloss polished and lacquered or silver-plated (VFC-EP6566S). Different custom finishes available on request.
Outfit: Silver-plated mouthpiece, moulded hard case or light Gig-Bag.