Model VFC-CR6126 is a piston valve B cornet which has been developed in the V.F. Červený factory.

Its development was influenced by opinions of all musicians. A very good intonation is upgraded by two triggers which allow fine-tuning of the inconstant tones in all registers. 

Very easy and rapid response gives good feelings in the extreme range.

Very good features of this instrument make it possible to use in the brass bands, fanfare bands and for solo playing too.

Its sound is excellent for jazz.


 Key: Bb

 Bore: 11,7mm (.461“)

 Bell: 125mm (4,9“) hand shaped, wire reinforced, made of red brass

 Body: made of red brass

 Mouthpipe: red brass with nickel-silver adapter

 Valves : 3 stainless steel valves, nickel-silver valve casing. Valves are being manufactured by CNC lathe. Tubular ducts ensuring 100% flow of the air.

 Trimmings: Nickel Silver hand lapped inner and outer tuning slides. Yellow Brass stays.

 FeaturePinky hook, two waterkeys, first and third slide trigger, slide rubber stops.

 Finish High gloss polished and lacquered, engraved V.F.Červený - Emperor

 Outfit: silver-plated mouthpiece, hard case