The Cerveny wind instrument factory was founded in 1842 in Hradec Kralove, industrial city located 100 kilometers east of Prague. Its founder, Vaclav Frantisek Cerveny (1819-1896) was an ingenious Czech wind instrument designer, in a field comparable with Adolph Sax (the designer of saxophone). Cerveny completed his first inventiononly two years after the factory was established, at the age of 25. In 1845 Cerveny constructed Bb and Cb contrabass tubas - large bore tubas, which have been copied since. Vaclav Frantisek Cerveny made many other inventions afterwards.

From the very beginning, Cerveny focused on the world market. Already in 1853 he exhibited his instruments in New York, where in the same year his younger brother Frantisek opened a branch office. Cerveny took part in many world industrial exhibitions with a great success. Cerveny instruments have consistently received highest honors.

After 1948 the Cerveny factory merged into a state enterprise AMATI Kraslice, one of the world's largest brass and woodwind manufacturers. Nevertheless, instruments continued to be produced in original places. In 1973 production was moved to a nearby new facility in Hradec Kralove. Production program is still concentrated on the wide bore rotary valve instruments, the very best of the V.F.Cerveny heritage. Present instruments are the result of an integration of long term experience, the world's finest craftsmen, and modern technology.


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